1. 400-1003-713

      To be the engine that understands the elite class best, to be China's high-end engine brand, to make Chinese manufacturing synonymous with high quality and high value, let the world re-understand Chinese manufacturing. Brands began to try to increase product positioning and prices to obtain greater profit margins, but they dared to break through the upper limit of engine prices, and positioning companies to customize the high-end market, but only gongtai power.


      The industrial titanium brand hopes to become a practical luxury brand, reaching a balance between technology and luxury. It has both leading technology and practical functions; it has both luxurious hardware and a moderate price. This is in line with the positioning of high-end users pursuing high taste and quality, and the price is also destined for this engine to be a brand tailored for this part of the consumer group.

      The industrial titanium generator set is based on the concept of "practical luxury", and luxury mainly reflects the design and material technology of the engine. Due to the use of rare materials and a large number of pure manual processes, the high cost and limited output are destined to pursue high grade And quality users have created a technology luxury belonging to them